June 6, 2021
Change air filter

Every manufacturer makes their air conditioners with the purpose of blowing healthy and clean air into your home. However, your air conditioner can sometimes blow out dirty air. Here is how to clean your air conditioner for fresher air in your residence.

Cleaning Your Unit’s Interior Components

First and foremost, you must cut off power to your air conditioner via your circuit breaker to ensure you do not get electrocuted while working. After this, you should open the enclosing door to your unit by pulling off the protective tape or removing the screws. The internal evaporation coils will then be in view. If they are covered in dust or debris, wipe them down with a soft brush and cleaning fluid. These materials are easily obtainable from hardware stores. It’s important to keep the coils clean because they are an indispensable part of your air conditioner’s mechanism.

Cleaning Your Unit’s Exterior Components

The compressor fan and its enclosing cage are exposed to the elements and can become dirty easily. This device is what drives chilled air through your ducts and vents inside. To clean it, you should first unscrew the cage so the fan is accessible. After that, you can clear away all the dust and pollen that the fan would otherwise blow into your home. This can be done with the same soft brush and cleaning fluid you would use to clean the internal coils.

Cleaning Your Air Filter

Your air filter can trap large amounts of dust and debris that circulate throughout your home, and this can accumulate in a blockage that restricts airflow. Some filters are intended to be cleaned while others are meant to be replaced. To clean the reusable type, you can suck away unwanted clogging with a vacuum and then clean the filter by spraying or soaking it. Replacement filters are inexpensive and easy to install

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