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Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning provides air conditioning maintenance in Orange county. We have served Orange County homes with high quality and reliable heating and air conditioning. Our expert teams have raised indoor air quality of Orange County homes, and repaired problematic air conditioners and furnaces. We are AC pros who bring peace of mind to homeowners. Our technicians are trained in our own state-of-the-art training facility, learning the most advanced technology in the HVAC industry. They are completely prepared for any air conditioning maintenance, installation or repair.

We offer upfront pricing and a thorough planning so there are no extra surprise fees or delays. We trust that you will not be upset about selecting Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning for your Orange County furnace repair or AC installation. We are dedicated to offering homeowners and businesses all over Orange County with high-quality heating and air conditioning services at very reasonable prices. With our honest advice and skilled work, we are capable to help our clients feel cool during the hottest days of summer and remain warm during the coldest days of winter.

Air conditioner maintenance cost

To prevent costly air conditioning repairs, it is significant to do professional air conditioning maintenance each year, preferably in early spring. This will ensure that your air conditioner is working at its optimal state for lower energy bills and decreased repairs. Preventative maintenance is important for keeping your manufacturer warranty intact and refining the performance, and lifespan of your cooling system. All HVAC systems should be tune-up once a year by a certified HVAC contractor. On average, you can think to pay around $70 to $120 for a professional AC tune-up. For additional savings, you should follow your local HVAC contractor on social media for seasonal discounts. Don’t make the decision based on cost alone. First discover what is involved in the AC tune-up and research the company 1st before scheduling service. We need to learn what is involved in a professional AC tune-up. If you really want to save money on HVAC maintenance, replacements, and repair, choose a maintenance plan from your Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning. These maintenance plans contain both a furnace and air conditioning tune-ups, as well as discounts on repairs.

Air conditioner maintenance checklist

Clean the outdoor condenser coils

The coil is manufactured of the refrigerant lines and radiator-like fins that line the cabinet of your outdoor AC unit. The evaporator is the interior counterpart to the outdoor unit and contains its own coil. Dirt and debris on the coils decrease efficiency and stress the system’s parts.

Check the refrigerant level

An improper amount of refrigerant makes a compressor work very difficult, dropping the efficiency and longevity of the system.

Inspect the drain pans & condensate drains.

Drains should be unobstructed and clean to make sure excess moisture is not trapped in the units.

Check outdoor fan motor, blades, indoor blower assembly.

The outdoor unit’s fan pulls air in through the coil fins. The indoor blower is the fan unit on your furnace. Older blowers may contain a drive belt that should be inspected and adjusted or replaced as required.

Check compressor & refrigerant tubing.

If the tubing of refrigerant is leaking or blocked, they will not provide enough coolant to the compressor, which will make the compressor to work difficult, which will finally cause the compressor to fail.

Lubricate moving parts

Older AC units frequently contain ports on fan motors, compressors and other parts for adding lubrication periodically. New models usually have sealed parts that do not need to be lubed.

Inspect all electrical controls

All electrical components should be checked for soundness and damage.

Inspect & clean/replace air filters.

A clogged filter limits airflow to the system so that the motor runs without producing any good results. Clean or change the filter as needed. Then continue inspecting the filter each month. Using a clean filter can decrease your air conditioning costs by 15 percent.

Run a general system test

To inspect different functions like the starting cycle and shut-off control, unusual noises, and measure temperatures & system pressures as needed, the AC technician will turn on the AC system to inspect mentioned function.

Check ductwork for leaks and other issues

A duct inspection is not required each year and may not be contained with a standard system checkup, but air leakage in ductwork is one of the major reasons for inefficiency in forced-air A/C and heating systems. It is a good thought to have your ductwork assessed and sealed or insulated in issue areas, as required.

Air conditioning preventative maintenance

  • Inspect the air filters and change as needed.
  • Check electrical components and ensure all connections are safe and without corrosion.
  • Inspect evaporator, condensing unit coils and clean coils as needed. Almost the condenser coil will require a good cleaning as the unit gathers dust and dirt in the coils.
  • Check controls of the air conditioning unit with thermostat, relays, and compressor contactor.
  • Inspect motor capacitors to ensure they have not weakened and are within +/- 10 percent of their rating.
  • Oil motors as needed. Several HVAC motors do not require to be oiled as they have sealed bearings.
  • After the unit is cleaned and contains a clean air filter the refrigerant level should be inspected.
  • If the unit contains low refrigerant levels the air conditioner system requires a refrigerant leak check.

HVAC maintenance tips

Pay Attention

You should pay attention to any rattling, thumping, grinding, or buzzing with your system, which means there is an issue somewhere in the HVAC system. You should pay attention to possible performance problems such as spotty heating or cooling, thermostat issues, weak airflow, or finding puddles around your indoor unit. The sooner you address the problem, the less damage it can do overall.

Replace Your Air Filters

Air filters require to be replaced each 30 to 90 days and they require to be checked each month for dirt and clogs. The more people and more pets live in your household, the more frequently your filters will require to be changed. This is a significant task that requires to be in your monthly routine since operating your HVAC with a dirty or clogged filter can damage your tools.

Clean the Vents

Vacuuming the vents frequently helps to keep dust and dirt from building up and obstructing airflow. It is also significant to check the airflow periodically to ensure that it is not weak. If you see weak airflow, contact our services to schedule an HVAC service technician inspect it out as soon as possible.

Air conditioner maintenance schedule

Schedule Annual Maintenance

It is significant to have your air conditioners tuned each spring and heaters tuned every fall. Most people are not familiar, but regular maintenance can typically prevent up to 95 percent of all HVAC repairs. Follow the below guide if you are planning on making routine inspects for your air conditioner.

How Frequently Should I Check?

There is no such thing as performing too several maintenances inspects. The more you know about the status of your air conditioner, the better you will be equipped to deal with an issue should one ever arise.

But if you are not someone to spend an hour each week inspecting the status of your air conditioner, then inspecting the system yourself once each season should be enough. Having experts inspect the levels of your refrigerant, and the complete health of your compressor and capacitors should be done annually.

What should I be seeking?

Maintenance inspect does not mean anything if you do not know what you are seeking. For many of the components involved in operating an air conditioner, you will require to talk to an expert to have them appropriately checked. However, there are a handful of things you can inspect yourself to help make sure your air conditioner is prepared for the seasons ahead.

You can inspect the air filter of your heating and cooling system and replace it if it appears dirty. The cleaner the filter, it will be easier for your A/C to pump the warm air out of your house and make it cooler.

Inspect the lines between the outside condenser unit and your house. Seeking for damages or freezing can mean different things, but a simple inspect will only take a few seconds to find if anything is wrong or not.

Freezing on the condenser, lines, or on the cold coil typically shows there is a leak in your refrigerant, and it will require replacement.

Are the blower motors operating? You can find blower motors in your furnace and in the condenser unit, as well. If they are beginning to seize, it is possible the motors are shorted or might be blocked.

inspect how fast your air conditioner responds to your thermostat. If you are finding there is quite a bit of time required to get to the temperature you require, there is a probability there might be something malfunctioning with your thermostat.

You should clear all debris from your outside unit. Blockages can cause ventilation problems inside the condenser leading to a dirty coil, frozen compressor, and more.

Speak to A Professional

Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning heating and air conditioning HVAC professionals are to assist you to create the most of your home heating systems, which is why it is a better practice to have one of our experts come and inspect your air conditioning system minimum once a year. Contact us and schedule your check-up now!