20-Point A/C Precision Tune-UP
& Professional Cleaning

Your Maintenance Program includes:
  • No cost thorough AC Precision Tune-UP and Professional Cleaning of your air conditioning system. Our certified Service Technicians will chill your home out.

  • Priority Service: Maintenance Program gives priority to your system, upon request if your Furnace system needs to be repaired and/or service our technician will arrive within 3 hours or our visit is free!

  • Up to 3 Yearly Emergency Visits free of charge! Real help in Real Time!

  • Repair Discounts: Real Time Bros will get a Brotastic 10% off all repairs!

  • Over Time Diagnostic Charge: As one of the Bros, when you request after hours service, we guarantee we’ll be there at a greatly reduced fee of $40.00 You save $150!

  • Extended Parts and Labor Warranty: Maintenance Bros will get a warranty on any part that was placed as long as you remain an uninterrupted Real Time Bros Member.

  • Installation Discounts: Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning will take 10% off any big installations such as Duct replacements, Adding Attic Insulation, or Equipment Installation upon sign up.

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