September 20, 2021
HVAC Maintenance in Garden Grove, CA

An HVAC system’s warranty presents a contractual guarantee to consumers. The company backs a product’s manufacturing and quality and will cover certain repairs if the unit suffers any problems. Consumers must adhere to the contract’s terms, or else the warranty may become void. There are a few common mistakes customers make that render a warranty null.

Failure to Perform a Tune-Up

The warranty may stipulate homeowners must request a professional service visit and tune-up at least once a year. Failure to do so and not keeping records of the visits could release a manufacturer from warranty responsibilities.

Improper Maintenance

Do-it-yourself maintenance steps might not only not count, but they could also void the warranty. Homeowners should be careful about tinkering with a heating system for safety reasons, too.

Be sure to hire a technician best-suited for performing the job. A local handyperson could improperly install parts, resulting in damage and a loss of warranty coverage. Review the warranty terms to ensure the right pro gets hired for the job.

Garden Grove residents interested in HVAC repair and maintenance work may contact Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team stands by to perform heating and air conditioning repair and installation work upon request.

Not Registering the Warranty

Failing to send back those postcard forms that allow someone to register a warranty could be a highly regrettable oversight. Failing to register a warranty means there’s no record on file, and no warranty terms exist. Does the company provide online registration? That option might be available unless the time limit expired. A company may only afford a limited number of days to register. Once the time expires, so does the opportunity for a warranty.

Deliberate Damage

People make poor decisions, including ones that could cause deliberate damage to a furnace. Kicking the system out of frustration has consequences, and voiding the warranty might be the least dangerous result.

Owned and operated by two long-time best friends, Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning provides heating and cooling repair and installation work to local customers. Maintenance agreements are available. Contact our office for information about estimates.

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