November 20, 2021
Winter Air Quality in Garden Grove, CA

Indoor air quality tends to deteriorate during the winter months. Since stagnant air inside your home can be more than five times more contaminated than outdoor air quality, it can pose health issues if it’s not taken care of. During winter, you keep your doors and windows shut and count on your furnace and space heater to protect you and your family from the harsh cold air. This can create indoor air quality issues, but there are some measures that you can take to create a better indoor environment so that you can live comfortably throughout the heating season.

Improve Ventilation

Opening windows and doors is great for allowing air to circulate inside your home, but it’s a temporary solution. It’s difficult to open your doors and windows daily during stormy or cold weather. Instead, consider installing trickle vents. These vents allow fresh air to get inside your home and polluted air to trickle out of your home. Although it’s a small stream of air, it makes a big difference without causing a considerable increase in your heating bill.

Change the Air Filters

Change the air filters regularly. The beginning of winter is an ideal time to replace the filters. Dust and other debris accumulate in old filters, restricting airflow, so check all of the filters throughout your home. Although they might not be related to your HVAC system, clogged filters around your home will keep circulating pollutants that will eventually find their way back into your HVAC system. Common filters that you can easily miss include those in portable air cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected and Cleaned

Getting your HVAC system’s air ducts checked can help you detect leaks that could be allowing conditioned air to escape. In addition, having your ductwork cleaned will clear away any dust and debris buildup, preventing it from getting into the airflow.

Install an Air Purifier

Standard HVAC filters greatly help reduce the number of contaminants that find their way into your home. However, they don’t filter everything, leaving extra air that requires filtering. Getting an air purifier is an incredible way to filter the remaining pollutants. It’s best that you work with the experts at Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning to help you choose the best option for your needs and budget.

Control the Humidity

Although humidity maintains the heat in your house during winter, it harbors contaminants. Dust mites and mold flourish in moist conditions. The recommended humidity levels range between 30% and 50%. A dehumidifier can help you lower moisture levels.

Rely on the Professionals

At Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning, our seasoned technicians can help you improve your Garden Grove, CA, home’s indoor air quality, particularly during winter when it tends to deteriorate. We also offer HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs. Call us today.

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