July 18, 2022
AC Compressor in Garden Grove, CA

To keep your home at your desired temperature, you need a functional AC system. An AC compressor is the most vital component of an AC system since it removes heat and moisture from occupied spaces. As time goes by, your AC compressor may develop the following problems:

Condenser Coils Blockage

Once dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate on the condenser coils, they cause blockage. The blockage will hinder the normal expulsion of hot air from your condenser coil, forcing your system to overwork to reach your desired temperature.

Compressor Overheating

If your outdoor unit gets direct sunlight, it will limit ventilation, making your compressor overheat. The extreme heat in your AC will lead to compressor failure, requiring prompt attention. In such a situation, trust our experts at [company _name] to come and check your compressor to determine if it needs repair or replacement.

Reduced Refrigerant Levels

Your compressor will work perfectly with adequate levels of refrigerant. The coolant eliminates heat in the house, making it comfortable. With the low refrigerant levels, pressure in the compressor decreases, making it work harder to push the refrigerant into the system. Eventually, the compressor will break down due to overworking.

Electrical issues

Electrical issues like loose or broken wires and faulty fuse can cause your compressor to fail. A faulty surge or electric wire can result in acid or oxidation buildup, affecting other parts of your AC system.

Suction Lines issues

The suction line connects the compressor and the evaporator. The lines are responsible for carrying the coolant to the AC unit. Unfortunately, these lines are prone to holes and cracks. A crack or a hole on the suction line will hinder refrigerant flow to your AC, putting more stress on your compressor.

Reliable Heating and Cooling Company in Garden Grove

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