August 7, 2023
Homeowner Attempting DIY AC Installation in Garden Grove, CA

When the weather becomes hot, it is important that you have a fully functional air conditioning unit in your home for your safety and comfort. If you are building a new home or you have an old and failing AC, you need to consider installing a new AC. Because of the upfront costs, you might be tempted to install the AC on your own. However, be aware that this can likely cost you more money in the long run because you might create more problems. The following are some reasons why DIY AC installation might not be worth it.

1. Inadequate Expertise

AC systems might seem like simple appliances. However, they are complex and are made of many moving parts, which all coordinate to give you the necessary comfort. Without the necessary expertise to handle the AC, you might find it hard to solve any arising issues. You also risk damaging your unit or creating safety concerns for you and your family. It is better to leave the installation task to licensed technicians because they handle thousands of units and have extensive training on how to handle the units.

2. Lack of Parts

It is not always possible for homeowners to go to the store and buy the necessary AC parts or equipment. Many HVAC suppliers only sell parts to licensed technicians and contractors. The equipment might be dangerous to work with, requiring regulations. Remember that by hiring a licensed technician, you will have both the parts and the expertise necessary to have your system up and running.

3. Voiding Your Warranty

There is a high chance that you are under a manufacturer’s warranty if you have a newer AC model. A warranty is good since it can cover the cost of possible AC repairs or replacing the AC parts for several years after buying your system. Installing the system yourself might void your warranty since manufacturers require that licensed technicians install the system. This means that you will likely pay for the cost of parts, which might be expensive.

Various things are likely to go wrong if you attempt DIY AC installation. While it is possible to have your AC up and running by yourself, hiring experienced and licensed technicians is advisable. Remember that quality AC installation can play a key role in the system’s efficiency and likely extend its lifespan.

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