September 20, 2023
Radiant Heating in Rosemead, CA

Radiant heating is extremely common in other parts of the world, and it is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option in the U.S. A radiant heating system is more expensive to install than a forced-air system with a furnace, but it can definitely be worth the investment. That said, the main reason many people are hesitant to switch to radiant heating or install this type of system in their new home is that they’re worried it won’t work that effectively and won’t keep the home warm enough. Here we’re going to show you why this is a myth and help you understand how radiant heating works and what advantages it has over furnaces and forced-air heating.

Understanding How Radiant Heating Works

In a forced-air system, cooler air is drawn into the furnace, which works to instantly raise the air temperature. The system then pumps the heated air back out into every room. Radiant heating systems work somewhat differently as they don’t directly heat the air. Instead, the system uses radiators or underfloor heating coils that work to heat all of the nearby surfaces, and this heat then radiates out to raise the temperature in that area. All radiant heating systems rely on a boiler that works to supply extremely hot water or steam to the system. Older systems used to have radiators, but most modern radiant heating systems instead have underfloor heating coils.

How Effective Is Radiant Heating?

When properly designed, installed and maintained, a radiant heating system is an extremely effective option that is more than capable of keeping a home fully warm even during extreme cold spells. Although radiant heating won’t always heat the home quite as quickly as a furnace if it is extremely cold inside, radiant heating still has many advantages over a forced-air system.

Radiant heating systems are much more energy efficient than furnaces so your heating costs will be a lot lower. Although radiant heating has a higher upfront cost, it can save you lots of money in the long run. This is not only because the system will be more energy efficient, but also because it will last much longer, need less maintenance and require fewer repairs. Radiant heating systems are also mostly silent, which means you won’t have to constantly deal with the loud noise like you do if your home has a furnace.

With a furnace, you often have issues with some parts of a room staying cooler since they are further away from a vent. This is partly what makes underfloor radiant heating especially effective since it heats the entire floor in each room, which means the heat can radiate out and slowly rise up to keep the entire room warm. This also means you’ll never need to deal with cold floors again since the system will always keep them warm and toasty all winter long.

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