March 17, 2021
AC System in Garden Grove, California

The air filter inside the air conditioner unit in your home is vital for it to function correctly. It catches excess dirt and debris and ensures that the air that gets into your home through the unit is clean and cold. The air filter is designed to have several fins lined up and pressed up against the coils. Knowing how to clean air filters is essential in your regular maintenance routine. Check out these simple guidelines on how to clean your AC filter.

Turn Your AC Off

Ensure that you turn off your air conditioning system before you get started. You turn off the AC unit for a split system at the wall. You don’t want to start taking apart a unit while the power is on because it can be hazardous to you and damaging to the AC unit.

Read the Instruction Manual

It would be best to refer to your air conditioner’s operation manual before starting the cleaning process. Open the front panel of a split system AC to remove the air filter so that you can access the air filters. You may need to open the return air grill for a ducted AC system to access the air filter and remove it. Also, watch out for air filters that aren’t water-friendly when going through the operation manual.

Remove Air Filters From the AC Unit

The air filters should lift and remove easily. Avoid using a lot of force to remove the filters from the air conditioner. Also, please take note of how the air filters look in place so that you can quickly put them back after cleaning. Use a vacuum or brush to get rid of excess dust from the filters. A vacuum with a dusting brush head can effectively remove all particles and dry particles.

Wash Thoroughly With Water

You need to hand wash the filters if they’re too grimy. Soak them in warm water or mix an equal solution of water and vinegar for an hour. Rinse them as you get rid of all the residue. Ensure that you allow the filters to dry before putting them back in the air conditioner.

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