February 16, 2021
HVAC Maintenance in Garden Grove, CA

There are several important benefits to having your HVAC system receive professional maintenance every year. Regular maintenance will benefit you in several ways.

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace should be tuned-up once a year. You should schedule this for mid- to late-fall before it gets its heaviest use of the year. The technician will check electrical components, the gas supply, lubricate moving parts and clean its interior. They’ll also perform a safety check, such as making sure the heat exchanger isn’t cracked.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioner also needs maintenance once a year. This should take place in mid- to late-spring. Preventative maintenance for an air conditioner includes checking the refrigerant level, cleaning the condensate line, cleaning fan blades and fins and inspecting electrical components.

Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning in Garden Grove, CA, provides maintenance for heaters and air conditioners. We offer a maintenance agreement that includes benefits like priority service, repair discounts, extended parts and labor warranty, and installation discounts.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Your heat pump works throughout the year as it heats your home in the winter and cools it in the summer. Since it gets so much use, it needs maintenance in the spring and fall. Maintenance for a heat pump includes lubricating moving parts, checking the refrigerant level, inspecting electrical parts, cleaning the condensate line and verifying thermostat settings.

Why Get Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance reduces wear and tear on your HVAC system. This helps it operate more efficiently, so you save money on your monthly utility bills. It extends the lifespan of your HVAC system and keeps it under warranty.

DIY Maintenance

You should perform maintenance on your HVAC system throughout the year. This includes replacing the filter when it’s dirty, hosing down the outside AC unit and removing vegetation from around it.

Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning also replaces and repairs heating and cooling systems. We offer several brands, such as Lennox and Rheem, while our technicians can service all makes and models. Please call today to schedule an appointment.

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