June 15, 2022
Tenant Rights in Garden Grove, CA

Living in California provides you with access to historical sites, appealing attractions, and delicious restaurants. For better or worse, you can also experience varying temperatures throughout the year with the potential for uncomfortable highs in the summer months. As a renter, chances are you want to stay cool at home with air conditioning, so you need to know your rights in the event that the unit breaks.

Recognizing Tenant Responsibility

Recognizing Tenant Responsibility

If your air conditioning stops working as a result of your own actions, you are then responsible for fixing the unit. While you should certainly let the landlord know about any repairs or replacements, you will need to schedule the appointment and pay for the work. Keep in mind that this rule applies even if the damage you caused to the air conditioner is accidental.

Understanding Your Landlord’s Responsibility

Landlords in California are not required to provide air conditioning to their tenants. However, if your landlord does include air conditioning when you sign the lease, they’re responsible for fixing the unit. Your landlord has 30 days from when you notify them of the issue to fix the air conditioning.

Contacting Your Landlord

The most effective way to let your landlord know about a problem with the air conditioning is to write a letter. In the event that your landlord does not follow proper protocol, you want to have a paper trail of the incident.

You should also deliver the letter to your landlord by hand. If the letter takes a long time to reach your landlord, you may have to wait further for the repairs to be done. Also, the letter could get lost in the mail, and your landlord might never receive your request.

Replacing or repairing a broken air conditioner immediately is important, and the professionals can diagnose and remedy the issue. Our team in Garden Grove is also available to perform work on heating systems and to take care of duct cleaning. To schedule an appointment, contact Real Time Bros Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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