December 12, 2023
Furnace Install in Garden Grove, CA

Forced-air gas furnaces can range from as little as $700 for a low-end unit to more than $12,000 for high-efficiency systems. The national average for a unit plus installation is around $5,500. Within this wide price range, these four factors will significantly affect what you can expect to pay.


The first factor that will heavily influence a furnace’s cost is the unit’s size, also known as its heating capacity. This is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs, and may also be represented in tons. Either way, the more heating capacity a unit offers, the higher the cost will run. It’s important to get the right capacity for your home as too large or too small of a unit can drive up your utility expenses and reduce the life of the system.


We measure furnace efficiency using an annualized fuel utilization efficiency rating or AFUE. This compares how much heat the unit produces to how much it loses in exhaust. Standard units can lose 20% of the heat they produce while the highest efficiency systems lose less than 2%. Higher efficiency systems typically cost more because of additional and more complex components.


Just like a furnace, ducts won’t last forever. Whether you’re installing a system in a new construction or replacing an existing system, adding ducts can add anywhere from about $2,000 to upwards of $12,000 to the installation cost. The actual price will depend on the size of your home and the number of vents and runs needed.

Air Quality Additions

Finally, does your current system have any extra components, or do you plan to add elements like humidity control, extra filtration or air purification? While these won’t increase the cost of a furnace unit, they can drive up the installation price.

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