January 11, 2024
HVAC and heating services

Waiting until the furnace in your Garden Grove, CA, home fails before scheduling repairs can cost you a substantial amount of money. Long before furnaces refuse to turn on, these appliances often spend weeks working both erratically and inefficiently. Most furnace repair issues start small and are localized. However, they’ll eventually impact other features, functions, and components. You’ll pay more to resolve unchecked furnace issues in the long run, and your home energy bills are guaranteed to rise. Read on to find out just how furnace repairs affect heating costs.

Increased Energy Use

Even something as seemingly minor as a dirty HVAC air filter can cause your furnace to work harder than it’s meant to. Buildups of trapped debris in your furnace’s intake valve or connected ducting can impact fuel combustion, cause start-up problems, and result in uneven heating. Furnaces must use additional electricity to force air through blockages. Not only does this added strain drive up heating costs, but it can also make furnace blowers overheat and shorten the lifespan of your heating equipment.

Insufficient Heating and Longer Heating Cycles

Furnaces that are not properly maintained or damaged will work harder in order to operate. They often have significantly longer heating cycles. It will take more time for a damaged furnace to create the indoor temperature you want and more effort to maintain it.

The Effect on Your Heating Bill Could Be Both Immediate and Progressive

Higher-than-normal heating bills are a common sign of furnace problems. In fact, sudden and unjustifiable changes in your heating costs are among the most obvious indications of diminished heater performance. As small repairs spiral out of control, the initial increase in your heating costs could rise exponentially.

It’s also important to note that with fuel-combusting furnaces, unchecked repair issues can be major safety hazards. The symptoms that your furnace is exhibiting right now could be signs of an impending natural gas leak, a carbon monoxide leak, or a furnace fire.

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