August 10, 2022
AC Capacitor in Garden Grove, CA

An AC capacitor is a small cylindrical part that almost looks like a battery. This device is responsible for sending a jolt of electricity through your AC unit to get its cooling cycle started. Air conditioners are high-powered machines that need an extra boost to function efficiently. Here’s all you need to know about AC capacitors and when to replace them.

AC Capacitors

Capacitors are essential to your AC unit’s overall efficiency and safety. When your unit first kicks on, it needs more energy than your home can initially provide. An AC capacitor provides that boost and then stays on as your AC cools the home. While these components have long lifespans, they will eventually begin to wear down and need to be replaced.

It may be time to replace your AC capacitor if you’re hearing humming or clicking noises from your unit. Your air conditioner may struggle to start or will only blow warm air into the home. Higher energy bills could also indicate a crucial AC component is failing. If you ever notice smoke or smell something burning, immediately call your local HVAC technician.

While AC capacitors may look like batteries, they’re actually connected to the wiring inside your air conditioner. You can’t just pop the old one out and replace it. These high-voltage devices could easily harm you even if the system is shut off. Always rely on a professional HVAC technician to handle your AC part replacements and repairs.

HVAC Team in Garden Grove

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