July 13, 2023
AC Installation in Garden Grove, CA

It is common for some households to have air conditioners that are over 20 years old. The standard lifespan of an AC is between 10 and 15 years. However, not every household replaces its old cooling system once it reaches the milestone. The result is that these households are subject to many cooling problems, which usually result from the age of the AC. Here are some of the reasons you should replace your AC if it’s reaching the 20-year mark.

1. Sudden Breakdowns

As your AC ages, unexpected breakdowns become more common, especially if you have not been scheduling routine maintenance. Each old component inside your AC pushes your whole system towards failure, which increases the possibility of sudden breakdowns. Thus, holding on to an old AC is quite risky. It can hold up for some time without issues, or it could break down when you need it the most. If you need to be sure of your comfort during the summer, you will need to consider an AC replacement.

2. Reduced Efficiency

From the first time you turn on your AC after installation, it undergoes accumulative wear and tear throughout its lifespan. The components of your AC wear down through natural aging. Such wear and tear can lead to a decline in the system’s cooling capability. As it ages, you will notice that it takes much longer to cool your home. That means your 20-year-old AC may run for a long time before effectively cooling your indoor space, aggravating utility costs.

3. Newer Air Conditioners Are Energy Efficient

What seemed like state-of-the-art technology 20 years ago can seem rather old in the face of modern technology. Although old ACs might have been energy efficient back then, newer systems are much more advanced. Newer models have variable-speed motors in blower fans and improved compressor designs that make them efficient in saving energy.

Waiting for your AC to finally break down can hurt your savings and leave your home uncomfortable for days before installing a new system. Newer AC systems have many advantages, including quiet operation, uniform cooling, and cleaner indoor air.

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